Learning about Warren Buffett lifestyle, the billionaire investor and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, is considered one of the most successful investors in the world. But despite his immense wealth, estimated at over $100 billion, Buffett leads a frugal lifestyle that surprises many. Here are 11 fascinating facts about the Oracle of Omaha’s modest daily habits and routines.

What Does Warren Buffett Eat for Breakfast?

Warren Buffett starts his day early, rising at 6:45 am to drive to McDonald’s and order one of his regular breakfast items. What’s on the menu? Buffett enjoys breakfast sandwiches, hash browns, and Froot Loops cereal. The billionaire investor stops by the drive-thru at the McDonald’s across from his Omaha office building. While Buffett eats a diet primarily of hamburgers and junk food, he keeps a breakfast routine affordable.

What Car Does Warren Buffett Drive?

You won’t spot Buffett driving a flashy luxury sedan or European sports car. The Oracle of Omaha tools around his hometown of Omaha in a 2014 Cadillac XTS that he purchased used for just $45,000. Frugal as always, Buffett bought the Cadillac when it was two years old and had 15,000 miles on it already. The XTS gets Buffett where he needs to go around Omaha just fine.

Where Does Warren Buffett Live?

Since 1958, Buffett has lived in the same modest 6,000-square-foot Dundee neighborhood home in Omaha that he purchased for $31,500. The home is currently worth an estimated $872,000 – pocket change for one of the wealthiest people on the planet. But the mid-century house has everything Buffett needs. He once commented, “I have everything I need to have, and I don’t need anymore because it doesn’t make a difference after a point.”

Buffett’s Humble Omaha Office

Where is Warren Buffett’s office, and what’s it like? Buffett has stayed in the same offices for over 50 years. He reports to the same desk on the 14th floor of a standard downtown Omaha office building. Buffett treats his employees like family and pays them well, but demands their loyalty and hard work. He spends 80% of his day reading and researching companies and investments – he prefers to gather knowledge over wealth.

No Splurges for The Frugal Billionaire

Warren Buffett is happy to keep things simple regarding his lifestyle. Despite his immense wealth, you won’t catch him jet-setting to exotic locations, wearing expensive clothes, or splurging on lavish purchases. Buffett hasn’t spent more than $6.5 million on a home for himself. And one of his few luxuries is owning two corporate jets – modest pleasures for such a wealthy businessman.

Buffett Recently Upgraded His Flip Phone – Kind Of

Warren Buffett wasn’t even using a smartphone in 2019. The tech-averse investor held onto an old Samsung flip phone for years. When it finally stopped working in 2019, Buffett picked up a $20 Nokia flip model rather than splurging on the latest iPhone—Classic Buffett – opting for an outdated, bare-bones cell phone while his peers rely on smartphones.

No Fancy Cars Fill Buffett’s Garage

While billionaires like Jay Leno boast garages overflowing with rare, expensive vehicles, Buffett has just one vehicle to his name – that reliable white Cadillac. Buffett also previously owned a 2006 Cadillac DTS, which he auctioned off for charity in 2012 when it had 65,000 miles.

Buffett’s Food Choices Are Surprising

Besides his McDonald’s breakfast routine, what does Warren Buffett choose to eat and drink? Well, Coca-Cola, for one – he averages drinking 4-5 cans daily. And he snacks on plenty of potato chips and chocolates. The billionaire investor explains that he eats foods that make him feel good. A diet centered on hamburgers and soda is essentially that of a young child! It works for Buffett.

The Oracle of Omaha Does Splurge On Private Jets

While Buffett does enjoy McDonald’s breakfast sandwiches and five-star hotel suites, one area he does occasionally splurge on is private jets. His company, Berkshire Hathaway, owns two Bombardier Challenger 600 series jets aptly named “The Indefensible” and “The Indispensable” that he uses to fly him and close family to various events and meetings across the country. So, while he may eat and dress like the average Joe, private jet travel is one luxury splurge.

Buffett’s Idea of Fun Isn’t Fancy

When the billionaire isn’t handling Berkshire Hathaway business, you can often find him playing online bridge or heading to the local bridge club for games. Besides bridge, Buffett enjoys golf but isn’t interested in joining posh country clubs. On breaks and weekends, Buffett heads to his beach house in Laguna, California, where he enjoys relaxing and strolling on the beach. These are simple pleasures for a billionaire who could access the most elite circles of power and wealth if he wished!


Warren Buffett lifestyle is a case study of value, restraint, and appreciation. With an unusual modesty for such an über-wealthy businessman and investor, Buffett enjoys life’s simple pleasures. From breakfast sandwiches at McDonald’s to five-star hotel suites to relaxing on the California coast, the Oracle of Omaha has crafted an enviable lifestyle full of joy and community. And one without the headaches of constantly splurging and overspending. In the end, Buffett prefers to surround himself with wisdom and loved ones rather than accumulate “stuff” that doesn’t lead to happiness—a great example to us all.